ROBERT PEARRE is an artist in Brooklyn NY.


The URLs above each contain a video. The videos will change frequently, on no specific schedule, remaining online for hours, days, or weeks. Some older videos might be re-posted, others won't. They are meant to be viewed online, with each URL being the native location of the artwork, rather than an example of a display format, i.e. a monitor in an art gallery or a projection as part of a screening.

Each video is intended both as an individual work as well as one part of an ongoing narrative. Each one provides context for the others.

These videos are for sale. When purchased, the video will be uploaded to a unique URL known only known to the artist and the buyer, with the artist responsible for maintaining the video online. The buyer will be purchasing permanent and sole access to the artwork, rather than a digital file. These works are not sold in editions.

For further details, comments, and all other enquiries, email info@robertpearre

For information regarding specific works, please note the URL address and date viewed.